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Thursday, September 4, 2008

EQUATION OF RANKS-It has been observed since last few days that officer of Defence Forces are trying to equate Commandant of CPMF (BSF/COAST GUARD/CRPF/ITBP/ASSAM RIFFLES) with that of Lt col of Army. The pay scale of Lt col is 13500-17100 and not 15100-18700 and that of Commandant is 14300-18300.The Defence forces will next time mix MSP and state Lt col Senior to Joint Secy. The equivalent pay scale of Lt col in Central Govt is 12000-16500 which is held by Second-in-command or commandant(Junior Grade) in scale of 12000-16500. Going by the logic of Lt cols the rank of Brigadier (16700+2400 rank pay) WITH total basic of 19100 should be equivalent of Addl Secy.There is no end to it let us equate correctly and same is done by govt by keeping Lt cols in PB-3


shailendra said...

I agree with the views expressed above. It is interesting to note that whenever there is slightly more facilities are given to the CPMFs there is always parity is drawn as it happened 5th pay commission report. The parity is never drawn if it is otherway round. CPMFs now a days toiling the same amount as the forces. We have not seen any war since 1971 and in all peace time roles CPMFs have always been more particicipative in all operations.

Anonymous said...

i think you need to learn your calculation right.
you have not read the notification by the government of india,there has to be defferentiation between educated and more educated.
talk to me i can explain you,where are you wrong.
lt-col in army deserve equality and parity with thier counterparts in other services.
ashok puranik

Anonymous said...

dear bp,
please get ur facts right. it seems u have taken up this blog to spreard misinformation deliberatly. may be u r part of bigger game plan of IAS lobby. if u r intelligent and smart, pl stop spreading misinformation and keep quiet.

B P SINGH said...

Dear Anony,
Equality and parity of Defence services can be only drawn between two doing similar on nearly similar jobs.In case of Defence services it happens to be CPMF. The status and the pay parity will never be with IAS , understand it early. IAS is not even permitting IPS/IRS to go near to them. The latest change in Rank PAY &MSP Orders are clear signals to the Seniors or young officers will suffer more.