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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Designations - Technical Services

New Designations in Central Government Department – ICAR has issued Office Order

Krishi Bhawan, Dr.Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi – 110114
F.No.19 (20)/2011-Estt.IV

Dated 22nd July, 2013

The Technical Services were introduced in ICAR w.e.f. 1975. The Technical Services are grouped into three categories consisting of eight grades which are being denoted by their grade numbers viz. T-1, T-2, T-3….. T-7-8, T-9. The technical employees have been representing that they may be given suitable designations instead of the grade numbers such as T-1, T-2 etc.
The issue of giving suitable designations to the eight grades of Technical cadre viz. T-1 to T-9 was under consideration of the Council. It has now been decided with the approval of the Competent Authority that the following designations may be given to the technical employees of the Council:

Existing GradeExisting pay band and pay scale in Rs.Grade pay (Rs.)New designation as approved by the Competent Authority
T-1PB-1 5200-202002000Technician
T-2PB-1 5200-202002400Sr.Technician
T-3PB-1 5200-202002800Technical Assistant
T-4PB-2 9300-348004200Sr.Technical Assistant
T-5PB-2 9300-348004600Technical Officer
T-6PB-3 15600-391005400Sr.Technical Officer
T-7-8PB-3 15600-391006600Assistant Chief Technical Officer
T-9PB-3 15600-391007600Chief Technical Officer

For the purpose of identification of duties performed by different functionaries, designations of the person will be appropriately distinguished to reflect duties attached to the posts. For example, a post of Laboratory Technician in T-2 grade may be denoted as Sr.Technician(Lab Technician).

The change of designation does not give any entitlement to any enhanced pay or perk. Further, this change shall also not entail any change in existing chain of command or basis for refusal to perform an assigned function.
Deputy Secretary (TS)

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