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Monday, August 28, 2017

7th Pay Commission is the last Paycommission

Many sources confirmed that the 7th Pay Commission would be the last pay commission. It is too tedious a process and employees have to wait for long years for better salaries, higher HRA and good allowances. The latest news on the 7th Pay Commission is that it is likely to be the last.

Union government employees under the aegis of their respective unions are all set to begin an agitation demanding their pay be revised as per the 7th Pay Commission. Employees have expressed their frustration and have realised that the government intentionally delayed the implementation in order to save money. They say that they feel cheated and demoralised. Moreover there is no news on the 8th Pay Commission as well and this has led them to ask how their salaries will be revised or hiked in future.

How will salaries be hiked in future 

The government says that there would be a periodic review in future. In fact the decision to do away with pay commissions will benefit the employees. It would not take ten long years to wait for a pay increase or revision in allowances or HRA. The government would review the salary looking into the data available and also based on the price index.

Waiting for several years not necessary

 Earlier employees had to wait for several years to get good news on their pay hikes. A pay commission had to be set up and then various committees had to formed. The entire process would take several years and employees would be anxious. However this time the government says it wants to do away with most of the red tape in this issue and review the salary annually.

Aykroryd formula to replace pay panels 

The government will take into consideration the Aykroyd formula while reviewing salaries of government employees. This formula would take into consideration the change in prices of the commodities that constitute a common man's basket. The government feels that such a formula would make more sense and employees would be able to cope better with price rise and other fluctuations in the market.

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