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Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Paramilitary forces living on edge: IIM study
A study by the IIM, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) on the working conditions of the central paramilitary forces has highlighted their stressful and dismal living conditions round the year as they don’t have a concept of peace posting like the armed forces.

IIM-A submitted this study on “performance related incentives in government” to the Sixth Central Pay Commission.According to the study, the forces are required to put in long working hours (invariably 12-14 hours a day) and perform additional duties of guarding the camp without sufficient rest and respite in difficult terrains, hostile environments and face regular threat to life.

The report said: “They always remain on call and have round-the-clock commitments throughout the year, without any consideration for leave, gazetted holidays, weekends, festivals, personal commitments and social obligations. This leads to very high levels of stress and imbalances.

Repeated physical ailments in far-flung areas of deployment and absence of medical facilities for diseases like cerebral malaria, Hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis, chikungunya etc render working conditions hazardous. Stress compiled with unhygienic living conditions leads to high instances of chronic diseases and (premature) death among force personnel.”

The study has further noted their social isolation after living in camps for a lifetime. Their unavailability for social and family commitments like marriages, functions, death etc of near and dear ones almost leads to their social boycott in the family and their society.
The report further added: “The problem of social isolation is compounded by the fact that their entire career is spent in hard areas and they don’t have a concept of peace posting (as in the armed forces).”

The report also mentions about their increased personal expenditure as they are forced to maintain two or more establishments due to separation from family and the need for education of their children. The report said: “He is forced to undertake journeys to home to sort out domestic exigencies, which cost him additional money.

Regular need for communication with their families adds to their costs and it’s made worse by the fact that at many places of their deployment, they only have satellite phones which cost a fortune.”The IIM-A team further mentioned: “Separation from family is a serious problem.
We met somebody who has not lived with his family for the past 37 years and said that ‘my children don’t recognise me’.”

The report makes another important observation on the food provisions for the forces. It said: “Food is the most basic human need and the related provisions are widely perceived to be unfair and highly discriminatory which adversely affects their morale. Ration money paid out to force personnel is perceived to be inadequate, especially for their places of deployment where ration is always more expensive. Levy of income tax on this effectively reduces the amount of calories that money can buy.


There is a urgent requirement for the government to sanction various allowances like Paramilitary Service Pay (PMSP)in line with Military Service Pay (MSP), technical pay, higher ration money, school transport, communication facility and host of other allowances to make life comfortable for these men in Khaki.

In the officer cadre there is a urgent requirement to shift Second-in-Command and its equivalent in various paramilitary forces to the pay scale of PB-4, as the existing workload of these officers is much more than carried out by Lt. Colonels in the Battalion. It is pertinent to mention that promotion to this rank of Second-in-Command is by selection unlike defence forces where it is time bound promotion. Going by the general principle a selection post is always treated senior to time bound promotion posts.


Anonymous said...

Dear BP,
I do agree that there is an urgent requirement for the govt to look towards PMFs.
All these allowances should be approved immediatly without any further delay.
Well said that Second-in-Command is not time bound like Ltcols and should be treated like that, I feel this point needs to explained at many places

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that paramilitary forces should be paid all allowances, the working conditions are required to be improved.

Anonymous said...

Dear BP,
Second-in-Command senior to Ltcol ,Well a good wish for PMFs and nothing more.

SUKHI said...

Dear BP Sir,
One thing which SPC did was to shake up Defence officers from there deep slumber and fake sense of seniorty.
Some officers still harp on WOP and unable to understand that things do change over a period of time.
These koopmandooks should learn that Second-in-Command is senior to Ltcols and commandts and DIGs to Conls and Brigs

Anonymous said...

I feel it is PMFs officers which are day dreaming ,things are going to get corrected very soon.

Anonymous said...

"Second-in-Command senior to Ltcols" is for sure day dreaming.
It is to inform you that all Majs are not promoted to Ltcols, about 2-3 % miss this promotion.

Ltcol abcd said...

Dear BP,
Reading your blog brings all hopes of Ltcols down.

Anonymous said...

Dear BP Sir,
with UGC pay scales approved , it appears that govt should give PB-4 to all those in the similar grades of 12000-16500.

B P SINGH said...

Refer to various remarks on my views on article EQUALITY in the blog of Major Navdeep Singh

Dear Navdeep,
The promotion of Lt. Colonel to Colonel at presently is taking place on completion of about 16 to 17 years of service at the earliest. In few other branches of Army this period may extend up to 18 to 19 years and even as short as 14 years in JAG Branch. If the Army does not promote its officer directly to paid rank then this is the internal regulation of the Army and has nothing to do with any government regulation.

Like in Defence forces the promotion within the forces and between the forces is on different time period. Similarly, on these lines various Central Government Departments do have various time periods for promotion to PB-4. The earliest being IAS,IPS & IFS, whereas for others it may go up to 23-25 years even for the first selection, which is almost similar to timescale promotion of Defence services.

As far as teachers are concerned all new teachers will be getting promotion on the data provided by me in the comments i.e 19 years after completion of graduation. It is only the existing teachers in various colleges who will get benefited by getting PB-4 in 14 years of service.

Moreover, most of the Universities are under the control of State Governments and it is unlikely that any of these State Governments will extend this benefit so early.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Central Government assistance to the Universities under the State Government is only up to 31 March 2010.

In addition to this, the date of implementation of this new pay scale is also left to the State Government.

Dear Raj,

Till few years back a battalion of Army was Commanded by Lt.colonels and the same battalion with no changes in strength is now commanded by an officer with one more star on his shoulder. Should we equate this new officer with two star and Ashoka still equivalent to Lt.Colonel as you stated.

Today the same Lt.Colonel is commanding 100-150 Jawans in a battalion, a job which is done by an Assistant Commandant / Dy Commandant in any Battalion of CPOs.

Dear Anony at 5:09 PM

I feel you need some more classes and decency. If you have some arguements or some facts please display the same.
I also have great respect for Major Navdeep for yeoman service he is doing in projecting the cause of defence services. I do hope other serving army officers do learn how to write few decent lines.

Dear Wing Commander
My information and details are correct to the core. All the new entrant in the teaching community will not get promoted to the pay scale of PB-4 even a day before completion of 19 years after the graduation.

If you have any other arguement on this, please explain me the same.

I donot have any hatred towards the defence officers. My respect to the defence officer and their work done towards guarding the national integrity is undoubtful. However, when it comes to supporting my service I will not lack behind in putting facts and figures in comparision of various ranks between CPOs and defence services.

You may like it or not, but the comparision of defence services will always be done with CPOs and not with any other governemnt service.

This fact may please be understood by all defence officers at the earliest.

Dear Anony at 7:01 pm

If you have selected Coast Guard officer who have earlier failed in various defence examinations, then there is requirement of investigation of your conduct. Please send me your details.

Dear KGR at 07:10 pm

Idiocy is nothing but a state of mind, please wake up, give me your ideas and show me your capabilites.
Try to learn and hear other's view also

BP KA ---

Dear punjabi veer,

I dont think you can only write this, veera kuj changian galan kar, hunar dehkha tey agey wad.
Par terian galan khush kardian ney, jey wadiya likhen ta thand pey jeya

Anonymous said...

Dear BP,
I thought let me write in your blog also.
A Sikh supporting Ltcols to be in PB-4-Navdeep
A Sikh against it-BP SINGH
A Sikh going to approve it-Manmohan

Anonymous said...

Well said, but I do hope sardar between two good ones should not win.

Anonymous said...

Dear BP,
Any news what is submitted by gp of ministers to PMO.

Anonymous said...

What BP will know, you can search in news papers.Anyhow hope for good.

Ltcol(Retd) Mitra said...

Dear BP,

SUKHI said...

BP Sir,
GP is more important then basic pay, that what all faujis are stating. All false ,now when govt may give some hike in basic they (Ltcols) now wants GP also.
True bania are these .

Anonymous said...

LTcols will shift to PB-4 in a very short time. what happened to your SIC Ha? Ha? Ha?

Anonymous said...


Gyani said...

LTcols in PB-4 without grade pay.
Only few LT Gens to get DGP grade.
No change in other's grade pay.
What we all are happy about?

Anonymous said...

How can SIC shift to pb4? Then major would have to also to be shifted to pb4. Slowly u guys from paramilitary and defence would ask for even JCO to be shifted to pb4!

Be reasonable and happy.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
look at you BP. look at you. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Dear BP,
I've gone through all your comments. your quest for equal work equal pay is valid. i also do agree with out doubt that PMF is one of the best services in the world. Dear, do you know that IPS guys who also does the same work like your commandant becomes DIG in 14 yrs and subsequently IG in 18 yrs(with out having much operational knowledge). that is the hard fact. you can not deny it. I think you guys are like frog in the well. fauji's are fighting for their parity with other govt groupI services like PB4 in 13 yrs. secondly fauj is not only army but also includes navy and airforce. can you compare a k class ship commanded by a Indian Navy commander with a opv class of ship commanded by a coast guard commandant. there is a vast difference. both the services have different role to play in different situations. i think you guys instead of fighting with fauji's try to look further north. i think you get it.

sympathetic fauji

Anonymous said...

Anony above,
I agree that fouj donot have any problem with PMFs/CPOs.However one thing they must understand that IPS is making fool of the system and taking away the higher posts.

Anonymous said...

Dear both Fouji above,
You are correct to some extent but do we have any choice?

Anonymous said...

I feel all PMF and Fouj should join hands and put up a joint foot together

Anonymous said...

Lot of heart burn b/w Armed Forces and CPMF has taken place during last couple of months.
Now that the issue is settled more or less in the favour of AF, its time now to apply some balm on our strained relations.
Army had never uttered a word against benefits to be given to our CPMF brothers.Now all of you go and get what ever is due to you but for heavens sake don't start comparing yourself with elders.Till the time you remember this cardinal principle we will have no problems.
BP singh ji please write a reconcilatory post.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anony above,
Have you heard that "There can be a slip between a cup and the lip ". So please get it first and then say it.However granting any increment to Ltcol without extending same to Second-in-Command will not be in favour of well established equation between AF and PMFs.

Anonymous said...

bp sab,
you officers only worry about your welfare,why never counts the pbor as indian citizens? allowances, pay rest welfare is it only required for officers..you all talk of pay for lt col 2ic so on why not that of a constable?still possessed by the colonial british spirit?it is evident thats why you all are in fighting weather armed or paramilitary one should get pay for equal work..pls keep the rank and seniority for ceremony..the stray bullet never sees the shoulder but the chest so have a heart ..a brave heart to accomodate others.despite rank and promote equal pay and allowance for all armed people.allow a decent life for your men

MSingh said...

thanks to you dear BP sir
atleast you have projected the problems of CPMF otherwise CPMF persons are only made to sacrifice thier life without involving any one from the "MERA BHARAT MAHAN"
still very few people of this great country knows that a CPMF person join service in tough areas and retires from another tough area .seeing Delhi is the dream (yes he can see delhi railway station only during movement from J&K to North east or some luckey fellow during leave )
and it is clearly known to all that a army person will serve in hard area for maximum 3 years after that he is sure to get a soft posting where he can live with his family.
.what i personly feel that the no stability in life is the prime reason that RARELY A officer of CPMF allows his childern to join the CPMFs and the Defence force officers always prefer to motivate their childeren for joining the Defence force.
i am not against the defence force personel but THE CPMF personnel are not getting what they deserve and the govt and the countery men are still least botherd about it .
all the defence forces are the elder brother by virtue of early birth but still CPMF is the child of the same parents than why not give them thier due rights/respect .
the CPMFs are always commanded by the IPS officers they come from a state cadre and not knowing anything about the job/ops doty and dictating the whole force ,by the old policy of divede and rule,or on the fingers of the politicians .

Anonymous said...

WEll 1st of all i would like to inform you that Constable dont have time to blog ok. Its just the officer lobby who are getting benifits in CPMFs. I am sorry to say that no body is doing anything to elevate the condition of ORS and Sos. shame , shame they doent have good food to eat , a nice place to sleep and lastly they cant even shit properly. when u stand in front of mirror ask from urself that what have you done sitting on those responsible chairs.