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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Minister of State for Home Affairs M Ramachandran said the Director General of Coast Guard will also assume the role of Commander Coastal Command.
"The government of India has designated Indian Navy as the authority responsible for overall maritime security which includes coastal security and offshore security," the Minister said in a written reply in the Lok Sabha.
"The Director General Coast Guard has been designated as Commander Coastal Command responsible for overall coordination between Central and state agencies in all matters relating to coastal security. These decisions are being implemented by the Ministry of Defence," he said.
While replying to a question on instances of infiltration through the coastal areas, Ramachandran said, "As per the information available, there has been no case reported or encountered during the last three years, except a case regarding infiltration by sea route on November 26 last year leading to Mumbai attacks. The matter is under investigation and sub-judice."
Joint coastal patrolling is also being carried out along the coasts of Gujarat and Maharashtra under operation SWAN by Coast Guard, Navy and other agencies, the Minister said.


Anonymous said...

Dear BP
Please keep our coast safe and sound

Anonymous said...

Dear just,
In your comments it appears that like any other AF officer, you are also suffering from' me the best'.Please come out and see,countries with military background failed.Please do your job and thats it,throw away the baggage of WOP ,only AF keep on showing it and nobody even looks at it.

Anonymous said...

BP Sir,
These defence officers thinks that they are running this country.Most of these officer will first ask which course you belongs,then only the start doing any work.I feel we can live without fouj,there size should be cut to 1/10th

Anonymous said...

Dear BP,

Recently I came across an article in The Tribune about the Coast Guard.It is as follows:-

Coast Guard promotions kick up a row
Vijay Mohan
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, August 8
Top-level promotions in the Coast Guard have kicked up a controversy. A deputy inspector- general in line for elevation to the rank of inspector general has alleged malafide and bias in the promotion process.
Under present service conditions, inspector- general is the highest rank that cadre Coast Guard officers can aspire to reach, with the higher ranks of additional director-general and director-general to be held by officers of the rank of Vice-Admiral on deputation from the Indian Navy.
In a petition filed before the Delhi High Court, DIG KPS Raghuvanshi has alleged that the Promotion Board No.1 held on July 23 was conducted after amending the annual confidential report (ACR) criteria just a month prior to the selection. The board had considered 12 officers of the 4th and 5th Batches.
The Delhi High Court yesterday issued notices to the Central Government and other respondents in the case, with directions that any further decision taken by the government would be subject to orders of the high court.
The petitioner has contended that the amendment violates the Statutory Promotion Rules, 1986, and it lacks objectivity, transparency and is framed with a view to manipulate the merit list based on the ACR profile of officers falling in the zone of consideration. The petitioner has also challenged the actions of the respondent department in endorsing his ACR despite not having observed the performance of the petitioner for mandatory period as required under regulations.
Seeking quashing of the amendment in the promotion policy as well as setting aside of the promotion board proceedings, Raghuvanshi has contended that the respondents did not feel the necessity of introducing amendment to ACR criteria for the promotion board held in April 2009.

If it is true then it shows that how your service has been eroded. I also understand earlier also(i belive in 2003)there was such an irregularity where in the the number of vacancies were falsified by your own cadre officers.I beleive that one of the officer won the case in Madras high court and has been promoted with back date. What a disgrace...!! where you service is going.It is also whispered in corridors that one of tne new IG was close to one of the Sr. Naval officer. I am pained to see your service in news for all wrong reasons. Now i believe that most of the senior billets are filled by your own officers and it is shocking they are taking service to such a low level. I think some one in MOD has to take stock of the situation other wise this fine service will be killed by your own officers and Navy will certainly have good resons to take over as your officers not competent to run it( as it is now visible).

I pray to god may sense prevail in your senior officers (IG's) and instead fighting for their personnel goals (ADG) must think about the service.

with best wishes