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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Boost to Paramilitary Forces

Centre to give a 500 crore-rupee boost to paramilitary
In a bid to modernize country’s paramilitary forces, Centre will provide arms, ammunition and vehicles worth 500 crore rupees to seven paramilitary forces by September end.
According to the Action Plan -II of the Ministry of Home Affairs, orders worth 500 crore rupees will be processed by the Central Paramilitary Forces (CPMFs) and Ministry of Home Affairs.
Action plans of all seven CPMFs - CRPF, BSF, CISF, ITBP, SSB, NSG and Assam Rifles have been approved and the actual procurement will be made soon, it said.
Review meetings will be held between ministry and the CPMFs to anticipate and remove potential bottlenecks.
A total of Rs 1,500 crore has been allocated in the current fiscal for the seven CPMFs under the five provisioning heads arms and ammunition, clothing, tentage and stores, machinery and equipment and vehicles and IT.
Home Ministry has already finalised the process of procurement of interceptor boats for coastal security scheme.
The annual maintenance contract for these boats and procurement of ten 12-ton interceptor boats for Andaman and Nicobar Islands will be made by August 30.
The government will also take approval of competent authority for the courier service for personnel of CPMFs by 15th July.


Anonymous said...

Dear BP,
Good news keep it up,is the order for pension for post 31 Dec2003 enterants issued or not.

Anonymous said...

B P ji,
There are more good news for CPO's, understand govt have approved all allowances to CPO's at AF rates. Balle Balle ho gai hai

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
FM in his budget stated that all allowances of AF will be given at par to CPMF also, please give full details

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

Thanks a lot for comming back after a long break. Please give details on the FM's announcement on allowences to cpo's.

Today I read an article on the fight of one AF wife against the role of AWWA in the career of an officer. The article is as follows.


Recently a story published on NDTV read as under:

"Savneet Paul's husband, an army officer is fighting insurgency in Kashmir but back home in Patiala, she is fighting a different battle. She has decided to take legal action against her husband's superior officer Col D.S Loomba and his wife.

This after Col Loomba made adverse remarks in her husband's annual confidential report (ACR) because of her non-participation in the Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA) activities during their posting at Meerut last year. Savneet says, she could not follow the orders given by the CO's wife since she was pregnant.

"I was pregnant and I was not well and I am not serving in the Army. My husband is in the army. Why should I? See I have married an army officer. I have not married the Army. I have not joined the Army. They are not paying me," says Savneet Paul, wife of Maj P S Paul.

The Annual Confidential Report showers praises upon Maj P S Paul but towards the end says: On the social front, nil AWWA activities. The couples' performance was found to be below average.

Savneet, claims she was under depression as there was a social boycott against them inside the Army campus once she refused.

Indian Army earlier had declared under oath that the AWWA is not a part of its functioning. If that was the case this case has surprised many. Now an officer is judged on the conduct of his wife.

"It is very surprising when Army is saying that it's a welfare organization, an NGO - how can working with an NGO affect the officer's career? It is surprising and shocking. AWWA has nothing to do with an officer's capability," said Major (retd) Guneet Choudhary, Advocate.

There is a saying that behind every successful man there is a woman. Savneet Paul doesn't want this saying to be proved wrong. She is working hard to get her husband's ARC amended. It may not be very easy but then there are many who believe it is not fair to mention the contribution of AWWA activities in an officer's ACRs."

It is also important to mention that Army had earlier disowned AWWA in a written oath to the court.Please reply to arouse a public opinion on this story.

Does it happen in
Coast Guard also ????????

Anonymous said...

Dear Anony Above,

Yes it happens in Coast guard also,senior officer's wife are demanding that thy should be equal status and what not all.Afterall all our officers are trained by Navy and they feel nothing less than them,atlest wife of these officers

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Please confirm what all allowances are being given given,and at what rate MSP is being given

loverboy said...

I didnt say this, it was on whispers for all to see.

"The situation in BSF, as narrated by one Raj, who is surely a departmental officer, is true & pathetic. At the same time, his intention to bring out the poor work culture does not seem to be genuine because he is mainly against the induction of IPS officers into BSF. As per my estimate, against total cadre officers strength of about 4,000, IPS officers are merely 25 or less (1-DG, 3 Addl DsG, 14 IsG & 4/5 DIsG). If the cadre officers themselves failed to improve the work culture in their own force, what 20 IPS officers can do to improve the situation. It is simply a blame game, nothing else. As far as, the role of local police is concerned they are meant to aid the civil administration and petty criminals. They cannot be equated with CPOs personnel who are exclusively trained to fight with hardcore criminals/enemies for which they are adequately paid by the Government. Each and every sacrifice is suitably compensated by both Central & State Governments. These are the cadre officers only, who do not take care of their own soliders/their families. Who says that cadre officers remain away from their families for 28 years ? These are only poor jawans, on whose names, all facilities are begged for. Except for initial 3-4 years service on border, every officer enjoys soft staff postings at Btn HQrs with their families with all free facilites at the expenses meant for poor jawans. These are their own families who do not want to remain back at their natives, where no such facilities would be available. If you count, you will wonder, how many BSF persons are working as cooks/domestic servants termed as Security Aides in the houses of retired officers in Delhi alone. Nobody cares for proper infrastructure for jawans at Border Out Posts because there is proper arrangement for Officer Commanding the Coy and the visiting officers from Btn HQrs. CPOs jawans are living in inhuman conditions but there is none to take care of their grievances because their own officers are busy in grabbing soft postings/ promotions and rooting out IPS officers. May the God takes good care of these Forces, which are being driven to wrong side."

July 3, 2009 7:33 PM

loverboy said...
This is another one at whispers from one of your own.

"I want to convince Amitabh Aggarwal, Advocate that unfortunately I am not an IPS officer but one of the poor jawans, who have seen the reality of Force on ground. I may also add that these are IPS officers who are regarded most in the Forces because of their style of working and civilised behaviour. As far as cadre officers are concerned, barring few good ones, almost are disliked because they do not want to redress the grievances of jawans but treat them as slaves. Cadre officers remain busy in their own ego clashes within groups such as SSCOs, Direct Entrants, Promotee Officers (further divided into sub-groups based on their background e.g. Communication, General Duty, Ministerial, Junior Engineers, Water Wing, Sports, Motor Transport etc.). Outside people do not know the inside matters of forces and inside personnel are not allowed to speak outside. Further, exemption from RTI Act on security grounds, is helping them to protect even their corrupt fellows. If I disclose my identity, I am liable to be fired on the grounds of indiscipline and you will not be able to protect me in the Court of Law as you know, in Force, the Court is their own, witnesses are their own, prosecutors are their own, defending witnesses are their own and most importantly the Judges and Appellate Authorities are also their own. The conviction rate by such Force Courts is 100% because charge-sheet is framed only when one has to be fixed. How much I should write more in this regard ?"

Sat. B.

why bother about others set your own house in order first guys

Anonymous said...

Dear Loverboy,
Please see also your own backyard also, Navy is having at least 10 type of entry +2, graduate ,MET ,EDU,UNIV,LAW NDA,NAD,SD,CW and so on, each of theh fighting with each other.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir ,
Please give details of allowances

raj said...

elevation of sic to pb4gp8000 is the need of hour as this will remove disparity and stem uncalled controversy