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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2nd September 2015 Strike – Additional pressure on the 7th CPC to accept our justified demands – COC Karnataka

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COC Karnataka
The latest information is that the 7th CPC report will be submitted only in last week of September, we should not be too worried about this as the 7th CPC report was expected to submit its report in first week of September , the delay is only by few days only and that too the 7th CPC period is upto end of September 2015 as the 7th CPC was constituted on 28th Feb 2014 and allowed 18 months time the 7th CPC has started functioning only in April 2014 onwards.
The COC Karnataka meeting held on 4th August 2015 at RMS office has decided to participate in the 2nd September 2015 strike program as per the directions of the Confederation of CG Employees New Delhi. Now due to many reasons the 7th CPC report release has been postponed, now let us to utilise the postponement period and put additional pressure on the 7th CPC and the Government of India to accept our justified demand’s of Central Government Employees such as minimum wage of Rs 26,000/- , fitment formula of 3.72 , five promotion scheme , date of effect of the 7th CPC from 1/1/2014 etc.
Comrades if the 2nd September 2015 strike by the Central Government Employees is a success, then we can get more financial benefits from the 7th CPC and the Government of India apart from other important issues of unwanted labour reforms will be solved.
I request all comrades to prepare and educate the grass root leaders and employees on our demands. Conduct gate meetings / general body meetings from 11th August onwards.
Comradely yours
General Secretary

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