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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

7th Pay Commission report to be submitted by September end

The report on the Seventh Pay Commission headed by Mrs. A.K Mathur has asked for a moth long extension due to certain points not included in the report. The report in all certainty will be submitted by the end of September.

The commission is set once in 10 years which revises pay and allowances of the Central Government employees. The commission has made certain changes in order to bring in more professionalism in government offices.

This means that the retirement age will not be lowered and 18 gazetted holidays will be done away with. This will be replaced by three national day holidays in a working year. The deduction in the number of holidays has reduced in order to increase the functionality of government employees.

Flexible working hours for women and those with disabilities will be included in the report. This will entitle employees a better work-life balance culture. Complete loss of work is know to affect an employees depression levels and motivation and hence as per their age, they can even work part-time, thereby taking away boredom.

Salary and pension costs will shoot up by 15.8% and 16%, respectively which will increase capital expenditure by 8%, leaving the government to down on purchasing assets.

The commission has also recommended a performance based revision in pay which may not be applicable practically as a number of workers work in the industrial and non-industrial sector.

Total revenue expenditure is expected to jump 8.1% to Rs.16.6 trillion in 2016-17 against a budgeted growth of 3.1% in 2015-16 with the report expected to be absorbed in 2016-2017. 

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