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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Modification in the Travelling Allowance - New order dated 22.01.09

At last Central govt officers working in field formations could breath easy after this new stand taken by the department on TA Rules.

As you are all aware of the modified Travelling Allowance Rules as per Office Memorandum dated 23.09.08 consequent on Sixth pay commission recommendations, which was based on reimbursement principle (i.e) Officers have to produce receipts for the amount spent on accommodation, food, transportation etc.

This principle may be fine for the officers who travel to a cities, as the charges for lodging, transportation etc could be claimed at actuals subject to a maximum ceiling.

However, Officers who had to travel on duty to remote places like villages sea shores were really put to hardship because they could not get the receipts for the amount spent by them for food as it would be meaningless to ask for serially numbered bill from a small Hotelier or “Dhabawala” in those places. Even for those who travel long distances in trains in which fare is not inclusive of food, it would be very difficult to get receipts for food from pantry car or railway platform salesmen.

Now, this hardship has been done away with by the issue of new Ofice Memorandum dated 22.01.2009, as the Govt has decided to sanction daily allowance on tour, based on earlir office memorandum dated 17.04.1998 in case the officers opted to claim slab rate based daily allowance instead of reimbursement based travelling allowance prescribed vide office memorandum dated 23.09.08.

In a nutshell, this new order provides the choice to the Officers for claiming the Travelling allowance either based on old TA rates as per the office memo dated 17.04.98 or at actuals using the bills for food etc as per the office memorandum dated 23.09.08. However, Officers can not mix up these two orders for a single tour.

The details of new pay is as follows:-

OLD PAY RANGE-------------------------PAY IN PAY BAND----RATE

(1) 16400 & above-------------------30500 & above-------------OLD RATES AS PER CITY

(2)8000-16399---------------------15000-30499--------------- do-----


(5)Below 4100---------------------Below8000------------------do-------


Anonymous said...

Thnks lord we need not to put up fake bills now

Anonymous said...

Good news Mr B P Singh
Is the same applicable to ARMY officers also.

Anonymous said...

Anony above,
Yes it will be,however in case of defence similar order will be issued by MOD,it may take some time,delay of one or two months is always there.

Anonymous said...

BP Sir,
Please confirm can we take tpt and meal charges as per new rule and claim DA rate as per this changed jan 2009 order

Anonymous said...

are BP, where have u disappeared. it seems u have finally got PB4 for second in command. good luck. we all sincerely hope u a better human being now. and one last thing... plz do not post statistics and plans abt BSF (or any other force) in this open forum. I hope u understand, if information is available in open forum, it is all the more easier of ...... to get it. ur popularity is certainly not more imp than country dear.

Anonymous said...

bp, its seems even u have given up seeing ur own blog. it was to happen in any case. people like u have to learn their lesson one day. i pray that god gives you courage and brains to know ur place.

Anonymous said...

@ Dear BPS

Pl read the following Tribune report:-

Chandigarh, February 2
While the much-awaited orders for placing officers of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and equivalent in pay band-4 have finally come through, the issue of pay and status disparity has only been partially resolved.

The government sanction letter for placing Lieutenant Colonels in the higher pay band was received at service headquarters today, sources said. The issue of grade pay for Lieutenant Colonels equal to their IAS counterparts and the issue of command and control are still pending.

Lieutenant Colonels have been upgraded to the Rs 37,400-67,000 bracket (PB-4) with a grade of Rs 8,000 from the earlier scale of Rs 15,600-39,100 (PB-3) with grade pay of Rs 7,600. The Services, however, had sought grade pay of Rs 8,700 at par with their civilian counterparts.

Sources said that the high-powered committee, set up recently, is yet to look into the status and command and control issue of military ranks vis-à-vis other organisations. The issue of granting lieutenant generals pay scales equivalent to that of a director-general of police is also pending.

Upgradation of pay scales means that Lieutenant Colonels would now be senior to deputy secretaries to the government of India, directors in state governments, senior superintendents of police and deputy commissioners of police, district collectors and district magistrates in the junior administrative grade, scientists ‘D” in technical services, commandants (junior grade) in the Coast Guard and the non-functional selective grade in central engineering services, sources added.

According to a letter issued by Ajay Tirkey, Joint Secretary in the MoD, PB-4 would be applicable to tenure postings with DRDO, DGQA, NCC, ISOs, etc. which fall within the purview of the ministry and for whom the pay allowances are paid from the MoD budget and deputation and training on foreign assignments.

Tenure postings to organistions including Assam Rifles, NSG, BRO etc. where “duty is military in nature and the officers posted would be carrying out the vital role which services otherwise would have to fulfill themselves”, would also come under the ambit of PB--4

Lieutenant Colonels on deputation to certain organisations like NHA, IRCON, Pawan Hans, state governments, etc, where the nature of duties is “not in line with normal combat profile of service personnel,” would draw PB-3 scales.

Special Army Instruction and fitment tables for enhancing the pay of lieutenant colonels would be issued by Army Headquarters shortly.

Anonymous said...

U nderstand Ltcols with 15 years of service are only given PB-4 AND THIS IS APPLICABLE ONLY WEF 03 FEB 2009. please check and confirm

just said...

the charges as i understand are as per fifth pay commision level. As the the hotel entitlements are almost tripled. Is there any plan of increasing the old TA allowance rates ??