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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


                                      BSF officers move Delhi High Court

New Delhi, Aug 21: Over 100 BSF officers have petitioned the Delhi High Court against officials in the Union Home Ministry and IPS officers, who frame policies for them, alleging that they were subjected to 'acute stagnation' and deprivation of 'financial benefits'.

A bench comprising Justices Pradeep Nandrajog and Manmohan Singh had issued two separate notices to the Union Home Ministry and the BSF headquarters on Aug 14 seeking a response to the petition. Officers in the rank of Deputy Inspector Generals, Commandants, Deputy Commandants and Second-in-Command were among those who had submitted the petition.

It was a rare instance when officers of an armed force with the responsibility for the country's internal security approached the court to address their problem. They claimed that non-implementation of policy measures were affecting their morale and efficiency.

The BSF officials were angry over the fact that they were not given the non-functional financial benefits, despite a 2009 Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) order.

The upgrading, according to the BSF officials, would ensure pay parity and social recognition. About 66 BSF officials signed the first petition that had been filed in the Delhi High Court while more sent similar representations later, said the counsel for these officials.

The aggrieved officials said the BSF's group 'A' officer, despite their selfless service, were being deprived of financial benefits and privileges which other group 'A' officers were enjoying and hence had no other option but to approach the court. They said such 'discrimination' was affecting the officer's morale and efficiency standards.

The BSF, with 2.4 lakh personnel, is the country's second-largest paramilitary outfit after the CRPF. It had made several representations to the Home Ministry but the latter was yet to take a final call on the matter.


Anonymous said...

This can scarcely be implemented for BSF. NFFU was granted for services which have Rs 80000 (Apex Grade) as their highest rank in cadre. BSF's highest rank is SAG (GP 10000), with ONE officer reaching HAG (67-79K). As such, BSF simply doesnt meet the criteria for being a Group A service. Nor do any of the other CPMF's. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

dictatorial view without any logic or reason. you can't crush legitimate aspirations & just demands.

Anonymous said...

It totally stupid comment to debar BSF cadre officers to grant NFFU.If their officers are not getting the highest grade of Rs 80000/ then who is responsible.These IPS officers are solely responsible who comes on deputation in BSf and exploited them by not projecting their legimate right before Central govt.Now time has come to stop all kind of deputation and govt to recognize them as organized cadre service, and avoid to stop treating them as their slave.They are professionally much much better then IPS and that is the reason that central govt always take their service as and where these IPS failed in their state.can any good example be where police have done professional job in their state except increasing the corruption.

Anonymous said...

It is high time that govt identify the discrimination meted out to BSF officers as far as NFFU is concerned. How tactfully an outsider is kept in Apex grade whereas the actual BSF cadre officers are ignored. First of all the question arises is whose force is this ? who made this force ? who brought this force to this stature & position what it is today ? BSF officers are extremely capable, educated, well trained, well experienced. They have all the qualities to lead this force most efficiently. There is nothing more to prove for BSF officers about their hard works & sacrifices made in 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War & other scenarios like militancy in Northeast & J&K. Several BSF officers who made supreme sacrifices by laying down their lives for the Nation. In recognition of their these sacrifices, they were awarded both Military Gallantry & Police Gallantry Medals. They fought the pitched battle shoulder to shoulder with our big brother Indian Army. BSF officers are therefore no less than anyone as far as their professionalism & in performance & accomplishing any kinds of duty. Why then the govt is hesitant to give the responsibility to lead the force to these capable & professionally sound officers.